Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Noodles: Day one

I know what you're thinking.....I've been waiting all my life for a middle aged NY Jew to tell me what he thinks about noodles and how to find them in New York's Chinatown. Well, today is your lucky day, actually even luckier than you think. You see, I'm not on this journey alone- luckily for you I have a noodle partner, my good friend who generously pays for all of my lunches simply because of the immense pleasure he receives by simply basking in my presence- Ian!

And here I am, Russell Mohr. I like my noodles spicy so I'm sweating in this pic:

And of course, our first entree---- The Famous Beef Stew at Yogee Noodle at 85 Chrystie Street in Chinatown, NYC.

A couple of things to note here- the waiter will never, ever understand what you mean when you order this dish- it's best to bring along Ian if you can to translate. Since he's gotten tired of paying for me he has become very fond of free lunches. If you can't find Ian, do the following

1) Tell them you want Chow Fon noodles in your soup
2) Tell them to ADD watercress dumplings to your soup- don't let them give you an order of dumplings on the side- you want them in the soup.
3) Ask for the BIG BOWL
4) Don't forget to ask for an order of Choy Sum- green vegetable in oyster sauce on the side

This dish has been in the restaurant owner Steve's family for years and it's pretty fantastic. The beef broth is incredible. It's rich but not too thick with a meaty intensity that isn't overwhelming. The beef is a little fatty but delicious- basically its thick chunks of pot roast. The chunky vegetable in the soup is very tasty and slightly  bitter in a nice way but I forget what it is -some type of radish I believe. The soup usually comes with a different noodle other  than the thick, flat Chow Fon noodles we order, but to me it's really not the same without them.  Two bowls of soup with all the extras and the side order of greens cost about $20.  This is a regular stop for us, but we eat here more often in the winter due to the heartiness of this soup.

OK Internet- we hope you liked our first noodle post! Russ

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  1. AMAZE! These RAmen bring the oft forgotten quotable from the formerly esteemed statesman - Larry 'i did nothing inappropriate' craig!
    and he said >

    Censure is a limp noodle across the wrist of the president. I think the way we vote on the articles will express the way we feel stronger than any censure vote.

    < woid